Letter from Morgan Stardate 20th September 2004

i wrote this letter on the 20th, but still didn't have any black ink pens
so i thouht i would email it and i only get time to write on those long
boring journeys!

it's 4.30pm and we've been travelling from Kanunurra to fitzyroy since 7am
this morning, its been a nasty ride on the easyrider bus as this bus is
terrible! the electrics don't work which means we have no air conditioning
and its the hottest day so far, 40 degrees!! we also drove straight into a
Willy Willy which is a kind of tornado. We had seen a few heading our way
but this one appeared out of nowhere. quite an experience, made the bus
fly accross the road and our poor driver cassie was shaking all over. she
did bloody well to hang on to the steering wheel and try not to let the
bus tip! i had no idea what was going on. i was drifting off to sleep with
my head next to the open window and then a huge gust of wind just flung me
over to the other seats.

however, today hasn't been all bad. me and em went on an hours helicopter
flight over the bungle bungles, which are increadable sand stone
formations. The front of the helicopter, where em and the driver sat had
no doors and me and colieen sat at the back ( a lady on our trip). The
wind had been strong all day so it threw us about quite a lot and i got
very quezzy, but that all added to the excitement! hehe! The pictures i
took just cant show the beauty of the gorges and scenery i saw, like
everything ive seen so far u have to b there to get the whole feeling of
the place. i couldn't stop smiling which made me dribble down my face!!

it's so annoying, emma is on telstra and gets signal everywhere, neither
of my optus or vodafone works in these parts, it drives me crazy!! i hate
not being able to contact the world, especially when im stuck in the
middle of the bush with no one around for miles and a broken tent with no
door!!like 2 nights ago on our canoe trip down the river ord. now that was

we needed to do a 3 day self guided tour of the river in 2 days as we had
to catch the next easyrider bus going through Kananunarra, which was hard
work as the currents and winds picked up strongly and we had to get to a
camp ground by 4pm as it gets dark early.

the sun was blazzing hot as we were on the water the whole time and had
nothing to protect us other than our hats and sunnies. we were in a large
kayak with all our gear which was extremely heavy. Emma was at the front
as she had never really canoed before, other than at katherine gorge,
where she had nick to do all the work for her. this made it even harder
for me as i had to order her about and try to correct what she was doing
wrong. with her bad back she had to stop every 10 mins so i had to keep
going by myself. she didnt actually realise how bad she was until i was so
exhausted that i took a break and she sent us round in circles! it was
quite amusing as she was trying her hardest. Though towrads the end of the
day she started to really feel the kayak and the moverments of the
we passed the 1st campsite by 2.30pm and thought we should try to get to
the next one which was yahoo island.we never found this island and
apparently went straight passed it.the sun was starting to go down and
there was no where to camp, just huge cliff faces. we were shattered
beyond belief by this time so as soon as we found lower ground we got out
and set up tent. this happened to be an area of overgrownstraw/grass where
as you can imagine hundreds of snakes and spiders live!

as we were rushing to put our tent up we realised that the frame was
broken but just that would have been ok... The door had no bloody zip to
it so anything could have got in, including the swarms of mozzys that
attack you all nght. The biting flies in the day were bad enough!

with my extreme phobia of snakes i was terrified and tried taping up the
door with plasters. The wind picked up and blew it appart again! we lit
some mozzy coils to try and keep the little biting insects away. to stop
the bigger biting creatures like the crocs, i held the door shut and kept
my pen knife in my hand!! we had so many large creatures walking around
our tent including a croc and water monitor, which scarred the crap out of
us. em tried to calm me down nd made me go to sleep, unknowing that she
was s***ing herself all night and didnt get a wink of sleep.

nothing ate us luckily, not even the dingoes or drop bears, which dave the
arsehole told us about ( a childrens myth like big foot we now no!)

Dave is my new very very very good friend who i like a hell of alot! him
and lenny have got us a job strawberry picking in perth and hopefully we r
all gonna stay together. He is so lovely, amazing singer, guitarist and
bongo player! Also very funny and very very yummy! anyway back o the

as soon as it got light we packed up everything into the kayak and set off
down the river towards a zebra rock gallery which we got to by 9.30 am. we
had picked up good sped by singing silly songs like '100 green bottles
sitting on the wall'. itactually really hepls! they sold cakes and drinks
at the gallery and had a toilet and sink with running water (very rare
with places we have been travelling to). i stuffed my face with choc
milkshake, scones with jam and cream, fruit cake, banana smoothie and tea.
it was delicious, though my stomach was churning afterwards. Emma who was
looking rather skinny at this point ate a tiny piece of scone and that was
it. she has been really stressed and down cos things arent going to well
with love life. ive been so worried about her as she looks like shes going
the way i went after breaking up with joe. though i feel great, ive put on
half stone whereas emma has lost at least a stone. she shouldnt have
really done such a physically demanding activity while she's been eating
so little. she's looking perkier today though.

my phone finally got in signal at the gallery and i phoned darren to get
him to come pick us up. he wasnt happy and told us to get to the end,
which was only an hours row and we had the whole day to do it in. i nearly
got in an arguement with him and i told him about the terrible night and
how it was their fault for not providing the right equipment. he then
agreed but only to his convenience as he did a sneaky deal saying that by
picking us up it would make up for the trip. i thought what a dick head
but we were so tired that we just needed to get to a bit and i needed em
to get better.

we got back to the hostel and just collapsed, but then we had to do our
washing and go to the supermarket to get the next few days worth of food.
that was about a 15mins walk away. after that we had a roll and went to

anyway we are both fine now and missing every1 at home. tonight we are
staying in a luxurious 5* campsite with toilets, showers and even camp
beds! i feel so clean, its amazing!

thanks for setting up the guest book it makes me so happy to read your
lovely messages, i look on the web site every chance i get.

oh tavie that guy is very dishy by the way, pic just doesnt give him
justice. oh and joe does no about dave so u dont have to worry about
editing everything!

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i'm now in broome and its the 23rd today, it was so great talking to u all
yesterday and for louis to say my name. that brought me to tears. it was
mad having u all talk at once but that made me feel home again! im sad i
left darwin as i loved it so much there and the people were so great but
im sure broome will b good to, only thing is how expensive it is here so
we might move on by saturday.

love u all lots, morgan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

keep in tough and keep me updated.

Now starting a message board! In case that is easier to use!

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