Messages to and from Morgan on her travels in 2004 and 2005!!!

Left England on Sunday 29th August 2004! Back in England in late January 2005!! You missed a card Morgan!!!

Hey dad I've made it to singapore and we caught about 4 local trains to get us to the hotel. My phone has automatically picked up local singapore network but emma's doesn't work here, though she's orange as well?! We r gonna sleep now, food on plane made me sick it was a rubber egg thing! Morg Xx

Thanks for mail Morgan! I have put copy up for all to read!! Let us have your journal as you go then I can put it up here! Michael and Beth came over today to see Sofia! Unfortunately Jodie and Damian had gone shopping! Whoops!! Have a good time. Everyone sends their kisses!

hey dad ive found that got internet at hotel but expensive so gotta b quuick. my doesnt want to load i dont know why cos normally works?! i looked at my website today, thanks. jessies thing wouldnt load but i dont know if this old thing has got enough power. say hello to every1 for me and tell mum i am eating properly (cos i have to!) im staying in the chinese area at the mo so living off rice and veg. moving onto india bit in few days so i'll b eating on the floor and with right hand. it is extremely hot here and it's nearly 9pm! say hello to sofia, louis, george, harriet, imo, jessie, ellie, tavie, jake, jodie, damion, luke and mum for me and say to imo that im fine and that there is nothing to worry about. we r considering different indonesian islands to travel to over next week. anyway grandma is right it is extremely clean, every1 is r eally friendly and helpful oh and tell the kids im gonna b swinging through the rainforest trees with monkeys either tomo or day after and seeing the blue sheep!! tell jodie im really pleased sofia is home. im writing a journal so everyone will here alot of stories when i get back. ill email soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

hey dad it s working now so keep me updated. oh can u ask tavs for mo and
renes addresses


Time : 08/30/2004 12:01:46 PM

Tell kids i miss them


Morgan I will try and get some pictures up of you and baby very soon! Jodie will have a purge as well and try and get more photos up at! As I write jake is tearing round the garden on his scooter with Michael following behind! I just moaned at them for beeping their horns! Let us know how you enjoy the food!!! Dont forget right hand is for eating, left hand is for....

.X x X

Bye for now!!

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Just heard from Morgan itinary changed!

Time : 08/31/2004 09:19:57 AM

Hey dad just to tell u we have changed our flights, going to darwin tomo evening. Not able to sleep as we r in city centre and very expensive everywhere, morgx

. . . . . . . . . . . .
08/31/2004 11:33:30 AM

Yes she (Emma buying a Nikon camera! Ed) did. She went for that deal cos she got everything included whereas with olympus u only got tiny memory card. Tell jess i'm on safari seeing wild cats and hundreds of other animals. Climbing over rope bridge! Thanks for putting money in. X ....Jessie was very jealous! But pleased for you Morgan!!


Message for Emma and her family & friends! As Emma is using an Orange pay as you go phone as she travels, Emma will not be able to use in Singapore but should work in Australia if Emma is connected via the orange partner network of vodafone. Unfortunately will not work again in New Zealand as PAYG due to roaming restrictions again..However Morgans contract phone will work throughout hopefully and her Optus Autralian phone will hopefully be the cheapest to keep contact whilst in Australia!! Emma, If you want to unblock your3300 phone so that you can put a local sim card in as you travel let me know your IMEI number and I can send you the codes.


Looks as though Morgan & Emma are travelling on Australian Airlines from Changi Airport, Singapore

Leaving local time 22:15 which is 3.15 pm dear old English time flight AO7882 Cairns 1 06 C17 New Gate

to Darwin . Flight should be about 4hrs and 25mins. Arriving Darwin at 4.10am local time! That is about 7.40pm our time! I think Darwin is 8.5hrs ahead of UK at moment. Please correct me if I am wrong Morgan! Time Zones

Time : 09/01/2004 02:05:38 PM

Hey dad i'm at the airport my flight leaves at 10.15 pm singapore time. We went for a hike though the rainforest today. I wasn't aloud to take pics at safari x

Time : 09/01/2004 02:22:29 PM

Em's using internet, i picked the comp that doesn't work and now the cues r too long. Tell every1 i miss them! X
. . . . .

09/01/2004 03:19:31 PM

Well i am off out now to open a bank account for Jake! Have a safe journey to Darwin! We have the Quantas site up on the screen to track your route!! Cant get any webcam pictures of Singapore International airport! We tried!!
Love from us all!! Jake & Dad!
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AO7882 from Singapore Arrival Estimated at Darwin 04:10... Actual Arrival 04:09 Landed 7.39pm UK time

. . . . . . . . . .

Time : 09/01/2004 09:04:09 PM UK TIME!.... Morgan held up in Customs!! Whoops!!!

My phone's already automatically turned onto optus without sim, oh Yeh i'm in oz! Should i use actual optus sim or stay with orange optus sim? It's 5.30! X

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Morgan is now reachable on her australian number after a few hiccups!!Well it was in the early hours when they arrived! But after a call to optus from the Uk and getting their automated number for Morgan which is 1300 555 002 for anyone else finding their opus phone blocked and needing a puk code in the middle of the night! Once correct pin entered phone will be unblocked!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Morgan & Emma are trying to rest today! 02/09/04 Both feel ill and are blaming the food! Morgans comment this afternoon was at least they now have electricity! Whilst they were staying in Singapore they were lacking power! Now they are staying in a hostel in the city of Darwin which Morgan describes as being no bigger than Lewes! Australian Opus phone is working to take calls but the voice message by Andy is still set up and blurts in after only 4 rings! Hopefully this can be changed!!


now that morgan and emma are safely in Oz i will only update this site every now and then with any emails or anything else anyone wants to put up!

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First Letters from Morgan If you can read it! Click Here!

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Morgan & Emma are out in the bush for the next few days!

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Time : 09/08/2004 10:18:20AM OZ Time!

Hey all, i'm still out camping in the bush, seen the most amazing places in the world, travelling hundreds of miles, only get to wash under waterfalls and when we find a billabong, most have crocs in though, salties r when we get scared! Sleeping under stars, had poisonous snake slide down my arm, made me jump so much i fell down rocks into croc pool! Mossys not too bad got few bites, bush fires r under control but burn! MorgXx

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Just had call from Morgan, now back in Darwin. Feeling good!

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I just had a MMS from Naomi who has just arrived in Fuerte Ventura! So I thought I would put here for you all to see!

Absolutely gorgeous!

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hey imogen,
im having the most amazing time here in australia, ive been sleeping under the stars, hundreds of miles in the middle of the australian outback and walking to the most beautiful waterfalls in the world that was the only time we could wash because we didnt have any toilets or showers, got a bit smelly!), that was in litchfield and kakadu. i went canoeing with my friends down a place called katherine gorge which has really old aboriginal art on its cliff faces, thousands of years old! it was such an increadable place. the weather is beautiful so i have a very nice tan. we r going to b leaving darwin and the northern territory on wednesday (tomorrow) and travelling down the west coast towards broome.
we have got so many friends here and im having such a good time that i dont want to leave, but we have to because we r going out every night and spending too much money, so i wont have any left for anywhere else in australia. Anyway i love u and miss u all loads, i hope u get to c my photos, they should arrive soon and ill send some more in a couple of weeks.
keep in touch and smile. tell the others i miss them too and can u ask them if i can have their email addresses because i dont think i have them. talk soon miss imogen, love u xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

lots of photos of litchfield and kakudu here, Morgans own will follow soon!

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Morgan is leaving Darwin on Wed 15th Sept and heading westwards and will be in Broome in a week! Will be traveling via Kimberley...

Broome is situated on the Great Northern Highway, some 1400 miles north of Perth. This modern town is an increasingly popular tourist destination since it is ideally located as a base for exploring the Kimberley region, home of the Bungle Bungles and close to some wonderful coastland and beaches.

Magical Cable Beach
One of the most famous and beautiful beaches in Australia, Cable Beach, is close to the town and is a must if you visit Broome. Visitors become attached to the beach and often find themselves spending more time there than they expected.

Cable Beach is over 20 Km long and arcs around the shore line forming a stunning ribbon of white sand fringing the turquoise sea and the trees and vegetation inland. There is a selection of resorts, bars and restaurants near the beach. Camel tours operate and excursions on the White Pearl Lugger are available. Broome and its beaches are renown for being excellent places for shell collectors!!! Sorry Morgan I had to add a little info!!


Morgan now has a guestbook if you want to leave a few messages for her or Emma here on the site!!! Click Here!! Or Here


Morgan & Emmas photos are being put up today... lots to put up so you will see more over the next few days.. Click Here


Also latest letter will appear here very shortly here, Ellie is typing out as Morgans writing was too faint to scan. Please write using black ink Morgan!! Blue fades too easily and we cant photocopy/scan!!

Now starting a message board! In case that is easier to use!

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Stardate 19-09-2004 15:41:45

Message from Morgan:- Just wanted to tell u that canoe trip is over. They provided us with broken tent. Me and em in middle of bush with no one to help and snakes, spiders and crocodiles all around us so we just paddled for our lives to get bak, we r exhausted and so scared, em looks really ill but we did it! MorganX

. . . . . . . .

Stardate 19-09-2004 17:42:42

Message from Morgan:- I don't know where we got the strength from to do the 50km against strong winds but we just knew we had to get back. Everything hurts!

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Stardate 21-09-2004 18:18:20

Morgan sends this message:- We made it to Broome. Nasty trip, very long drive including few tornadoes, and no air con in 40degree heat! ut we r here :) x

New letter written on the 20th.. found... HERE

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Message from Emma & Morgan 09.47 our UK time 23/09/04 Oh dear we have died all our clothes yellow! What do we do!! Its not even a nice yellow!!

. . . . . . . .

Sorry about the editing earlier Morgan!! I will just put up what you write in future!!!!! Dad x

Even the spelling mistakes!!!!????

. . . . .
Loads of photos coming through now, not collated yet but here we go. CLICK HERE with lots more to follow when i have time to put up! Sizes will be adjusted as well so that they load quicker... but that takes office time, Jessie please help!!!! Dad x

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3 more films of Morgans Photos are now up at . . Here . . . .Here. . and . .Here

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Stardate 24-09-2004 19:01:04 Morgan sent this text:- I'm watching my first west coast sunset at cable beach at the mo, just getting a cocktail. It's beautiful, went swimming in sea earlier, so warm! X

. . . . . . . . . .

Oh yes Morgan! Steve & Gill appreciated the text message! Steve is trying to work out how to send one back! 24/09/2004

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Anyone wanting to post messages for Morgan & Emma if you wish you can use message board or guestbook. You can even post photos for all to see!! If you are good with html, you can even add scripts and links to your external pages!

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Stardate 28-09-2004 11:07:11 OZ time Morgan sent this text:- Hey dad it's morg on em's telstra. we r stuck in tiny mining town at mocos i got very sick and ended up in hospital. Getting better, no signal though x

. . . . . . .

Stardate 28-09-2004 7:40:21 our uk time Morgan sent this text:- Hey dad I've found telstra on english mob. So bored can't get out of bed, too ill.stuck in place called Tom Price, few miles away from town x

Tom Price WA

Nestled deep in the Hamersley Ranges, at the base of the beautiful Mt Nameless, is the town of Tom Price to the heart of Karijini country in the north of the State.


Tom Price is a picturesque, modern and fully serviced town designed to blend into the natural environment.

Tom Price is a mecca for tourists during the warm, sunny winter months. With a variety of tourist attractions in the area, at least a three to four day stay is recommended.

Many visitors heading to Karijini National Park choose to base themselves in Tom Price and take day trips to the park, which is only 50 kilometres (40 minutes' drive) away.

Karijini National Park is the second biggest national park in Western Australia, encompassing some 627,445 hectares. In its sheer gorges and chasms, you can see where time has carved deep lines through the landscape. Hidden amongst its rugged formations are crystal clear rock pools, cascading waterfalls and tropical fern environments, many offering easy walking tracks or viewing platform access.
The recently opened Karijini Interpretive Centre is built in the shape of a Bungarra (Australian monitor) lizard and houses a wealth of Aboriginal culture, history and artistic fauna and flora displays.

Wildflowers blanket the landscape around Tom Price from July to October, with stunning displays of Ashburton and Sturt Desert Pea.

Mt Nameless, 1128 metres above sea level, is the highest accessible mountain by vehicle (four wheel drive only) in Western Australia. It provides spectacular views of the Tom Price iron ore mine site and the township. For energetic people, there are two walk trails to the summit, providing breathtaking views every step of the way.
Mine tours are conducted on a daily basis (minimum six people). A comprehensive one and a half hour tour by local guides encompasses a tour around town and through the mine site. The tour takes visitors into the pit, enabling them to have an up close encounter with the massive trucks and machinery.


For those wanting to relax, you can enjoy the latest movies at the open air cinema, popular on a summer's night.

The annual Nameless Festival is a gala event held on the second weekend in August. The Festival includes sideshows, novelty games and races, art and craft exhibits and spectacular fireworks displays.

Motel, lodge, self contained villas, and camping style accommodation is available. Tom Price has a variety of dining outlets, for those who are looking for something light to eat or for those who require a substantial meal.

For more information on travelling to Tom Price and the North West region visit Western Australia Tourism's website or alternatively the regional tourism website of the Pilbara offer very useful information.

. . . . . . . .

30th September 2004. Morgan rang to say she has recovered and they are slowly making their journey towards Perth. They are out of contact by phone for much of the time.Neither vodafone or optus or working is this area. Emmas Telstra is out of credit as well....Plan is to try and get work strawberry picking in Perth and possible get a vehicle to travel later

. . . . . .

new email address for morgan with loads of memory at

. . . . . .

Morgan & Emma have now got to Monkey Mia and are swimming with the dolphins.Hopefully here is a live webcam courtesy of 1st October 2004

Monkey Mia (including Shark Bay, Shell Beach, Hamelin Pool and Eagle Bluff)
Famous region with ancient fossils and friendly dolphins.
Located over 800 km north and encompassing the most westerly part of the Australian continental landmass, Shark Bay is one of the country's most important historic sites and most fascinating tourist destinations. Here, in this breathtakingly beautiful region, the visitor comes in contact with the drama of the early Dutch exploration of the Australian coastline, the romance of pearl fishing, the harshness of trying to eke out a living on a land where rainfall was small and unreliable. Equally this is an area of beautiful beaches, excellent fishing (both deep sea and shoreline), of bushwalking and of Western Australia's most famous natural tourist attraction - the friendly dolphins of Monkey Mia.

Shark Bay was first named by William Dampier on his second voyage to Australia in 1699. Dampier wrote in A Voyage to New Holland: 'The Sea-fish that we saw here (for here was no River, Land or Pond of fresh Water to be seen) are chiefly Sharks. There are Abundance of them in this particular Sound, and I therefore give it the Name of Shark's Bay...'Twas the 7th of August when we came into Shark's Bay; in which we Anchor'd at three several Places, and stay'd at the first of them (on the W. side of the Bay) till the 11th. During which time we searched about, as I said, for fresh Water, digging Wells, but to no purpose.'

In spite of Dampier's rather jaundiced assessment of the area Shark Bay is truly magnificent. A jewel in the West Australian coast - white sand beaches edged by aquamarine waters and dark Prussian blue waters stretching to the horizon.

No one should visit Shark Bay without seeing the stromatolites at Hamelin Pool, the dugongs at Eagle Bluff, walking along the remarkable Shell Beach, and seeing the dolphins at Monkey Mia. To do all of this it requires, at the very minimum, one day and preferably two or three days.

Monkey Mia - pronounced Monkey My-a not Mee-a.
There is no doubt that the dolphins of Monkey Mia are one of the true wonders of Australia. The area was first settled by Europeans in the late nineteenth century and for a few brief years became a pearling station. However there was no regular water supply (the water at the caravan park now comes from the desalination plant at Denham) and the settlement disappeared.

In the early 1960s a woman named Mrs Watts started feeding the wild dolphins which followed her husband's fishing boat to a campsite on the shoreline. Today this feeding still occurs and Monkey Mia is a unique opportunity for humans to make contact with these mysterious and wonderful sea creatures.

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With all the gossip in the news about Pitcairn Island, I thought I would add a direct link to their site to give an insight into life on a pacific island! Also the official government site here.

. . . . .

. Morgan & Emma are now in Perth seeking work!! Looks as though they have found a live in job for 6weeks in a mining community. decided not to do strawberry picking!!

. . . . . .

October 11, 2004

Woman, 60, wrestles crocodile to save man's life By Philippe Naughton, Times Online
A 60-year-old woman narrowly escaped becoming a crocodile's breakfast today after she jumped onto the back of the 14ft (4m) reptile as it dragged a man from his tent on an Australian beach.

Wildlife officers said that the woman, who has not been identified, managed to prise the man from the reptile's jaws before being grabbed herself.

Her life was saved in turn by a third person, who shot the crocodile dead as it was carrying the woman to the water. The two victims were said to be in "serious but stable" condition.

A Royal Flying Doctor Service spokesman said that the attack happened at 4am today as a group of campers slept at Bathurst Bay, around 190 miles (300 km) north-west of Cairns in northern Queensland.

He said that a 34-year-old man was sleeping in a tent with his wife and baby, about 50 metres from the water's edge, when the saltwater crocodile entered his tent and grabbed him.

The have-a-go heroine, who was camping nearby, saw the crocodile dragging the man by his legs and jumped onto its back.

Clive Cook, an official with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, said that the campers had managed to set off a rescue beacon, attracting rangers who were in the area culling wild pigs.

The rangers went to the site by helicopter and evacuated the pair, treating them at the ranger station at Lakefield National Park while alerting the Royal Flying Doctor Service. The two were then flown to the Cairns Base hospital.

A doctor said the two suffered mostly fractured limbs, adding: "They were pretty lucky, basically."

Wildlife officers said they thought the crocodile might have attracted to the beach by bait dumped by fishermen and warned campers against pitching their tents too close to the waters' edge.

Crocodile numbers have exploded in northern Australia since hunting them was banned in the early 1970s. In 2002, a crocodile in northern Kakadu National Park killed a German tourist as she swam in a water hole.

. . . . . . . . . .

Well having spent a few days in Perth, working as a cleaner at Backpackers to gain free accomadation, Both Morgan & Emma havw taken on a 6 week job at the Dowerin Hotel in Dowerin. Here is a little about the typical wheatbelt town... 18th Ocober 2004

Typical small wheatbelt service town
Located 156 km north east of Perth, Dowerin is a typical wheatbelt town with a tiny population of around 400 and the usual mandatory hotel, railway siding, wheat bulk handling facilities and small shopping centre to service the surrounding wheat and sheep farmers.
It is thought that the word 'Dowerin' comes from the word 'Daren' which, according to local folklore, is the name the local Aborigines gave to the lakes to the south of the town.
Although the town wasn't settled until 1895 it had been a watering hole and stopover point before then. Prospectors travelling through the area on their way to the goldfields took advantage of the reliable water in the area.
There was a time when Dowerin was a substantial centre. In 1936 it had a population of over 1600. But mechanisation has made wheat and sheep farming a lot less labour intensive and the town has reduced to its current size.
The town's major period of growth occurred just before World War 1. In 1906 the railway reached the town and in 1912 the local road board was formed.
Things to see:
Dowerin Museum
Dowerin has a fascinating museum which offers visitors an opportunity to see what life on the wheatbelt was like in the 1930s. Located at 16 Cottrell Street (the key is held by Mrs Howard next door at Number 18) the house was built in 1912 and owned by the O'Shaughnessy family. The local historical society have preserved it as a typical example of a Western Australian wheatbelt home of the 1920s. It is a typical businessman's residence. Apart from vast amounts of interesting furniture and clothing one of the most fascinating aspects of the house is the pressed metal walls. Other things of interest are the old style swimming costumes, the hilarious old under garments and the children's room.
Agricultural Field Day
Dowerin's major claim to fame is its annual field day for agricultural machinery. Said to be the largest in the Southern Hemisphere it attracts over 400 firms which display hundreds of millions of dollars of equipment for crowds of up to 15 000 people.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Morgan has left Dowerin hotel!!! Too Scary..... on way back to Perth!!! So dont fax her!!! 21/10/2004

Staying at Scarborough...

Scarborough is located on the west coast, just a short 15 minute drive west from the heart of Perth city.

As part of Perth's Sunset Coast, Scarborough is famous for its sunny weather, popular beaches and relaxed lifestyle. There are a variety of shops, weekend markets, and pubs and clubs.

In addition to the excellent ocean foreshore, Scarborough contains several parks and reserves. Abbett Park offers a variety of sporting opportunities, including football, squash, lawn bowls, tennis and cricket. Scarborough Beach is home to a lifesaving club, surfing competitions and other recreation facilities.

Local shopping complexes are scattered throughout the suburb that provide for daily needs.

A range of restaurants can be found in Scarborough from silver service to casual dining and cafe styles.

Accommodation ranges from bed and breakfast, budget and luxury self contained apartments to a five star hotel.

Scarborough Beach
Scarborough Beach is located 14 kilometres north west of the centre or Perth. Plenty of free car parking is available and regular buses run from Perth city.

Scarborough Beach is a very good surfing beach and attracts thousands of people every day during the summer months. The beach is popular with swimmers, surfers and bodyboarders. Windsurfing and kite surfing is also popular.

The Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club patrols the beach in the summer months and monitors the safest areas for swimmers.

Large grassy areas, picnic gazebos, public toilets, showers and change rooms are all available at Scarborough Beach to make your day out more enjoyable.

The Scarborough Beach area comes alive in summer as thousands of people flock to the beach to cool off. There are many restaurants, cafes, pubs/clubs in the Scarborough area all within very close proximity to the beach, many with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean. Apartment and hotel accommodation is also available with ocean views.

. . . . . . . . .

Well Morgan has had a couple of trials at local jobs and was fortunately offered both! Shifts clashed, so has only been able to accept one, I think within walking distance of where they are staying... details will be posted when known... 24/10/2004

. . . . . . . .

map Scarborough beach map of Scarborough Beach
Scarborough Beach Map
Street map of Scarborough Beach

Map of Scarborough Beach.

lifted from

. . . . . . .

After Scarboro, Emma went up North to a job in Darwin

Morgan continued travelling. Had bought a car with Dave, involved in a accident... whoops! See Photos Managed to pick up a Van for $100 and got them a fair few miles before it fell apart! Managed to find a job over Christmas at Norseman just in Western Australia. However the van is now dead!

hey everyone it's cristmas day and so they've let me use the internet for just a minute as the boss has the day off. im trying to stay happy but this day has to be the hardest of them all. i miss u all so much and i hope u have a great day. brought dave a kids cricket set but too hot to play! anyway i'll hopefully get to talk to some of u soon, can contact me on telstra anytime. thinking about u all the time loads of love, mexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

. . . . . . . .

Now Morgan is travelling again towards Adelaide 12th January 2004

10 dead as fire rages in Australia

Terrified residents had to leap into the sea to escape a raging wildfire that killed at least 10 people in southern Australia. The blaze on the Eyre Peninsula, about 250 miles west of Adelaide, was the worst of several wildfires reported around South Australia state, where temperatures have topped 44 degrees Celsius (111 Fahrenheit) in recent days. Residents of at least one township were forced to evacuate their homes and seek refuge on a beach to avoid the flames, State Emergency Services spokesman Stuart Macleod said

Now 17th Jan and Morgan is leaving Adelaide on way to Melbourne, She is travelling now on her own! ByBus!! Recent photos of Norseman area and travelling towards Adelaide are here

Well change of plan.... Morgan continued with Dave & Rutger by car slowly travelling to Melbourne. Stopped off at Tower Hill and met the Koalas...

Now reached Melbourne! 24th January 2005 staying in an old spooky mansion in St Kilda! Possible job fruit picking next week.... but will her back hold out???? Emma if you are reading this... How are you doing in Darwin???

Morgans latest photos are here, plus a few of Rutgers! As he is good with the technology!! His phots are here

Morgan is booking her flight back very soon!!! Looks like late January!! She will notice a difference in temperature!! Its only just above freezing in the UK at mo!!